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It will be not worthwhile if your website is not optimized very well for Search Engine. To be found in search engine like Google, Bing etc. with higher rank it is always recommended that website should be optimized with different kind of tricks and strategies. Here I am going to list down some optimization tricks to better optimize of a website.

On Page website optimization

This optimization generally done in the pages of the website, which reflects on search results. Before going to optimize your web page, it’s my suggestion that do a little bit of research on the current state of website or web pages. In this case Google webmaster and Bing webmaster might be very helpful tool.

Below are some SEO contents for On Page website Optimization.


Title defines the title of the HTML documents. Page title is written in between <title> tag.


<title>Title of the document</title>

Important Tips

  • Page title should be unique for each page.
  • Page title should not be longer more than 70 characters
  • Write a keyword based title that suits to your page.


Description is not used for SEO but it gives the searcher a basic description of the web page, while they are searching your website using Google search, Bing Search etc. <meta description> tag is used to specify a description of the web page.


<meta name=”description” content=”Description goes here”>

Important Tips

  • <meta description> tag always goes inside the <head> element.
  • Description text shouldn’t be more than 150 characters.
  • To draw attention of visitors includes a keyword in your meta description


Headings are used as a more prominent text on a web page and it is more likely to be read by search engine as keyword. <h1> to <h6> tag are used to define HTML headings. Search engine assumes that contents of <h1> tags are more important than <h2> tags and <h2> tags more important than <h3> tags.

Important Tips

Use <h1> tag only once in the page for effective SEO.


Images are the better option for enhance the user experience in the website.

Important Tips

  • Though search engines do not read images, so add “alt” attribute to <img> tag with some associated text. So images can appear in search result.
  • Do not use excessive images on your page. It will take longer time to load. Also it will be bad impact for both on SEO and UX.


Yes, flash content look nicer and it has a better user experience in the website. But it cannot be properly indexed by search engine.

Important Tips

  • Avoid full flash website for better SEO.


Frames are used to represents document in multiple views. If you are using frames on your webpage, always keep in mind that content within the frames will not be crawled or indexed by the search engines.

Important Tips

  • Avoid frames whenever possible.


Writing a blog is the great way to boost SEO and also drive traffic to your website.

Important Tips

Follow these important tips to boost SEO performance of your blog.

Off page website optimization

Off page optimization is known as how your website is linked from other website, that effects on your website or web page overall search engine ranking. Generally web site is linked through link building from other sites and social marketing.

Have a look to these examples to get insight on more on off page optimization.

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