Data Visualization using Zeppelin on Windows

It’s been a couple of weeks that we have released Sparklet beta version, the Apache Spark and Zeppelin installer for windows standalone. As I was playing around with data visualization, I thought to write a blog post on it. So here  are the steps to create a basic chart which are included in Zeppelin.

To run Spark and Zeppelin you need to download and install the Sparklet on your windows system. Go through the Zeppelin’s Display system to learn more about display charts.

I have used the sales data (SampleData.csv) for my visualization. Following are the codes.

[code language=”scala”]
def dataTable():String={
var str=””
//Load csv file
for(line <- csv.getLines){
val cols=line.split(“,”).map(_.trim)
return str
//To display the charts
println(“%table “+dataTable())

Below are the screenshots of different visualization.

table chart

bar chart

pie chart

area chart

line chart

scatter chart

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