Monthly Archives: December 2013

Installing & Configuring PowerView for SharePoint 2010/2013

After a little bit research on creating PowerView report in SharePoint, I am going to share my experience and list down prerequisites that you must configure with your system before going to create Power View reports.

I had following configuration at server side:

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Finding Co-Authors using Map/Reduce

I was trying to write a map/reduce job for Hadoop using Visual Studio 2012 in a HDP for Window environment. In search for a suitable practical scenario I got some PubMed data from, I decided to find the co-authors and the numbers of PubMed they published together for each individual author. Some thing like below:

PubMedArticle1               Authors {“A, B, X”}

PubMedArticle 2              Authors {“B, X, Y”}

PubMedArticle 3              Authors {“A, K”}

PubMedArticle 4              Authors {“M”}

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